Fourth Sunday of Easter

April 17, 2016 Rev. Lyle McKenzie Acts 9:36-43; Psalm 23; Revelation 7:9-17; John 10:22-30 It is one of the most endearing images – God as Good Shepherd, especially as it is imagined in Psalm 23 that we say or sing this morning. Not wanting for anything, but in green pastures and beside still waters, restoring … [Read more…]

Third Sunday of Easter

April 10, 2016 Rev. Lyle McKenzie      Lutheran Church of the Cross of Victoria Acts 9:1-20; Psalm 30; Revelation 5:11-14; John 21:1-19 These are quite the Easter readings: One the drama of a life transformation; One a song of complete reversal; One a new vision of worship for eternity; One an epilogue of returning to all … [Read more…]

Maundy Thursday Reflection

March 24, 2016 Intern Pastor Aneeta Saroop                   Lutheran Church of the Cross John 13:1-17, 31b-35 “The gospel reading for Maundy Thursday begins with a meal. Jesus is at the table with his disciples, all of them reclining, propped up on their elbows, dipping pita bread into bowls … [Read more…]

Lent 5

March 13, 2016 Intern Pastor Aneeta                 Lutheran Church of the Cross Isaiah 43:16-21, Psalm 126, Philippians 3:4b-14, John 12:1-8 God of all things new, permeate this space, among us and within us with your Spirit, that in the telling and hearing, of these words we may receive your Word for … [Read more…]