•  Sunday School: This is for pre-school and elementary school age children and is held every Sunday, September through June.  Sunday worship includes a learning time for children following the children’s message. Children return to Worship for Holy Communion.

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  • Confirmation: This is a 2 year weekly program for middle school youth to learn more about the faith and practices of the Christian and Lutheran traditions, as well as exploring spiritual questions and experiences of youth today.Classes begin in September. Contact the Church Office for more information.


  • Karren Stinson Bursary Fund:
    Established to celebrate the life of former parish worker Karren Stinson, who was stricken with an aneurysm and passed away, August 13, 1990, at age 32.
    The bursary program seeks to make an award to deserving students in pursuit of a post-secondary degree or diploma. The amount of the award may range from $400-$600, based upon funds available from the interest on the endowment, which will continue to grow as contributions increase. The award will be made on an annual basis, and recipients are eligible to re-apply in subsequent years.
    Although the board will make necessary judgments in all cases, the following criteria will apply to awards:
    – Applicants must be enrolled in full-time or part-time post-secondary studies.
    – Awards will be based upon the following equal criteria: Academic achievement, Christian activities, participation in community; preparation for a career in the field of social services, education, ordained ministry, or related church vocation; financial need
    To download a copy of the application form, please click here: Karren Stinson Application Form Please contact the Church Office for more information.
  • University of Victoria Interfaith Services:
    The British Columbia Synod of the ELCIC and Lutheran Church of the Cross participate and support Interfaith Chaplaincy at the University of Victoria. Pastor Lyle McKenzie serves part-time as one of the Interfaith Chaplains/representatives on campus, spending at least a half day a week, offering individual and shared programs, support for students, staff and faculty. Pastor Lyle’s typical office hours are Tuesdays from 12pm-2:pm.
    Programs include Tuesday Noon hour informal discussions, Session in Spirituality with guest presenters, and once a semester 24 hour retreats. For complete program information please visit the website.


  • Book Discussion Group
  • Dessert & Dialogues
  • DVD Study Sessions

For the past several years, 20+ adults have come together once a week to participate in academic courses on the Bible, church history, and theology.  Each course consists of a series of lectures by a prominent university professor with approximately 12 lectures offered September-November and another dozen January-March.  The lectures are recorded on DVD’s prepared by The Great Courses, which also supplies Course Guidebooks and optional Lecture Transcripts for each participant.  After each half-hour lecture, participants spend an hour discussing what they have seen, what their questions are, and how the material impacts their personal faith.  Given that these are university-level courses (but without exams and homework), the material often proves challenging, but the insights provided help all participants become better disciples.

The courses undertaken so far are:

2010/11:            The New Testament (24 sessions) – Dr. Bart D. Ehrman, University of North Carolina

2011/12:            Jesus and the Gospels (24 sessions) – Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson, Emory University

Autumn 2012:   Apocryphal Gospels (12 sessions) – Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson, Emory University

Winter 2013:     Formation of the New Testament and the Creeds (6 sessions) – Dr. Bart D. Ehrman, University of North Carolina

2013/14:            Luther: Gospel, Law, and Reformation (24 sessions) – Dr. Phillip Cary, Eastern University

2014/15:            The Book of Genesis (24 sessions) – Dr. Gary Rendsburg, Rutgers University

2015/16:            From Jesus to Constantine:  a History of Early Christianity (24 sessions) – Dr. Bart D. Ehrman, University of North Carolina

2016/17:            History of Christianity in the Reformation Era (36 sessions) – Dr. Brad S. Gregory, University of Notre Dame

2017/18:            Jesus and His Jewish Influences (24 sessions) – Dr. Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina

Effective September 2018, we will be pursuing an on-line course:

2018/19:            Introduction to the Old Testament (24 sessions) – Dr. Christine Hayes, Yale University

Two identical sessions are offered each week (7:00 Tuesday evenings and 10:30 Wednesday mornings).  All are welcome to join us.  Please contact the Church Office for further information.

Great Courses – LCC catalogue