Events include, but are not limited to:

  • Sunday Coffee Hour
    Offered each Sunday after worship. Come and share in fellowship, coffee, tea, and treats.
  • Lenten Soup & Bread Supper
  • Annual Fall Supper ~  October 19, 2019 at 5:30 pm 
    Please call the Church Office for more information – 250-477-6222
  • Easter Breakfast – April 21st, 2019 – 8:30 am
  • Advent Dinner Program 

Children & Families

  • Young Family Gatherings
    Held four Saturdays per year. A variety of activities are planned to gather families with young children for fun, food, and fellowship.
  • Praying Friends Program
    The Praying Friends operates throughout the school year.  Adults who are Praying Friends often remember their partnered child or youth with a card or a small gift at special times of the year, such as a Birthday, Christmas and Easter, although the essence of the program is the gift of prayer and the opportunity for new inter-generational connections. In the fall of each year the Deacon responsible for the Praying Friends Program contacts adults in the congregation to determine their willingness to serve as a Praying Friend for the year; and also contacts parents of children and youth to see if they wish to have their family member involved in the program. Once these wishes are known, the Deacon sets up a list of matching adults to children or youth and notifies them all of their Praying Friend for the year. The Program normally winds down in June, and begins again in Fall with a new link of adult Friend and young person.


  • The Youth Group for middle and high school students meets at least once a month for a planned event, and on other Sundays for lunch or coffee together.
    Questions about Youth Ministry at Church of the Cross? Or about any of our events? Or about…well…anything else? Please contact the Church Office .


  • University of Victoria Interfaith Services
    The British Columbia Synod of the ELCIC and Lutheran Church of the Cross participate and support Interfaith Chaplaincy at the University of Victoria. Pastor Lyle McKenzie serves part-time as one of the Interfaith Chaplains/representatives on campus, spending at least a half day a week offering individual and shared programs and support for students, staff, and faculty. Pastor Lyle’s typical office hours are on Tuesday from 12:pm-2:pm. Programs include Tuesday noon hour informal discussions, Sessions in Spirituality with guest presenters, and once a semester 24 hour retreats. For complete program information please see the website.
  • Luther House
    Lutheran Church of the Cross has a student residence for up to 6 university and college students who desire to live in an intentional faith community. Residents of Luther House share a covenant to support one another in their lives as students and people of faith. They share a common weekly meal and meeting time, hosting a free monthly meal for other students, and sharing household responsibilities. The student house is the primary student community of Lutheran chaplaincy and students continue to identify who much they appreciate this supportive community. The house is located next door to the Church, about a 20 minute walk from UVic and Camosun. Applications for Luther House and/or a copy of the Covenant can be obtained by contacting the Church Office, or by email,
  • Open Table
    Luther House Student Suppers. Monthly, 3 times per semester; Luther House residents invite, plan, prepare, and host a free meal for other students. This year, approximately 15 students joined in each of the meals. The students appreciate the hospitality and home setting, meeting other students, and of course, the good food. Contact the Church Office for dates and times of the monthly suppers.
  • Wine Before Supper
    Wednesdays, in the Interfaith Chapel, 5:00 – 5:30 pm (on the last Wednesday of the month, Chant and Mediation in the Style of Taizé will replace Wine Before Supper)
    Hosted by the Anglican, Lutheran, and United Chaplains. An Ecumenical Holy Communion worship open to all. A simple Christian practice to pray, sing, hear the gospel, rest in silence, and share bread and wine. Pause in the middle of the week for a half-hour oasis of peace and soul food. Everyone welcome!  Followed by a free simple supper. For more information please contact: or 250-721-8338


  • Perk-Me-Up
    Tuesdays at 10:30am, an informal discussion group offering support and friendship for people living alone, caring for partners, or simply looking for the pleasure of good company. Discussions are wide ranging and filled with good humour. All are welcome!
  • Women in Faith  (ELW – Evangelical Lutheran Women)
    Women in Faith is an active group of women within the congregation “committed to nurturing the faith and spiritual strength of the congregation’s women and enabling them to be people of God in mission.” They plan great programs, including guest speakers, Bible studies, conferences, and dinners.
  • Community Breakfast
    The Community Breakfast usually meets the first Sunday of each month, (except for July and August), at 8:30am, for a hearty breakfast and a presentation by a guest or someone from the group on a topic or experience related to faith and life. Newcomers are always welcome.

Luther Court

  • Luther Court Weekly Broadcast with Communion
    Our Sunday morning worship service is offered via closed circuit television to the library at Luther Court, a care facility for seniors. Volunteers from the church worship with residents in the library and large print versions of the worship service are provided.
  • Monthly Luther Court Communion
    On the first Sunday of every month, Communion is taken to Luther Court and offered to residents who are unable to attend worship in the library or the church sanctuary.